Enrapture Jumbo Wave Curler

At a shocking £50 i purchased the Enrapture Jumbo Wave Curler's off of eBay  It was pretty steep but i saw great rating's and awesome video tutorials which you can find below...

So was it worth it. 100% YES! There fantastic for the classic pin up full head wave effect or for beach curls or for beautiful mermaid curls. I adore them and am so happy i purchased them. the only downfall bar the price is heat- there ridiculously hot so use sparingly combined with heat protection i managed to burn my chin and i have still got the scar to this day. Ouch.

                                           Mermaid Hair using Enrapture Jumbo Wave Curler's-

-This is what they look like...
This is there website for more tips and tricks and Purchasing
Or go onto eBay or sites such as that for hopefully a cheaper bargain.

Its a trend found more commonly in the teens of today rather then the starts of today which is unfortunate because its such a cute look and compliments beautifully with colored hair.

Snooki AKA Nicole Polizzi Sports the Mermaid Curl trend with Her beautifully colored read hair. The star from Jersey Shore is looking less Jersey WE LOVE IT!
Not usually a fan of dip dyed hair but i think this is more on the verge of Ombre which is  beautiful when done well, this just shows how well Mermaid Curls compliment colored hair it adds that casual yet done up look.


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