Liberty Prints in Jack Wills

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Jack Wills is a clothing brained aimed at university students with its garments holding many historical influences. The Liberty Print is almost nostalgic to envisage in one of Jack Wills collections...
The Etchingham Liberty Print Bag shown above is a prime example of how such fabric with such historical background can still thrive in modern day Britain. A print and concept established decades ago is still living in vibrancy and with a new beauty as the designers of today have taken their own spin on an original design and used fabrics other then your basic cotton etc. 
The"liberty print"
Is now a very common print to be seen in the garments of today in a very compelling manner due to its up most history and original design still thriving to this day. Shown in Jack Wills Autumn/Winter collection 2013 and accessories including make up bags and purses it is an outright success and will be popular for a lifetime. With no wardrobe being complete without a few pieces of the iconic liberty print. Also in 2012 summer collection pieces with the liberty print where produced also. With an adorable Liberty Print frock added to the collection which sold a treat.

Thus going to show the Liberty print is essentially still of up most importance to designers in contemporary history. With there patterns shown in Jack Wills collections selling nationwide goes to show the originality of such a concept and how even the simplest of inspirations can get you anywhere. With Liberty selling out its prints worldwide on a tremendous basis there's no saying the pattern and the history that comes along with it will die any time soon.


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