Koji Tatsuno

Koji Tatsuno

Koji Tatsuno infiltrated the fashion industry by storm creating the concept of architectural designer in fashion into a reality. Delving into the industry with no training simply a beautiful minded artist ready to make his mark. Koji is passionate about combining raw and plain materials with expensive fabrics, bored with the mainstream shapes and movement of garments with each designers pieces become predictable he wanted to make a stand. Koji is the master of his craft of creating garments which fabrics appear three dimensional taking the traditional Japanese designers motto of finding the extraordinary in the ordinary.
Using outrageous materials such as seaweed,coils of rope,latex,acid paper and ribbons all visible seen in elements of his creations you can see why he is such an influential artist.

In some ways Koji differs greatly from Martin Margiela due to the reason for his designs however similar in such that he to likes to delve into the weird and wonderful of material for example natural resources such as seaweed which in term is some form of re using could be argued he too delved into the art of deconstruction ism. Delving into the world of architecture (which he studied) he has created and once again mastered another craft and is an overall artist which is reflected in his work as seen in the image above taking natural elements and reconstructing them into designs for this he has taken the shape and movement of a pine cone.

Working alongside Koji was the infamous Alexander McQueen who you can visible see in his work the influences and mind set of Koji Tatsuno, McQueen also liked to delve into the weird and wonderful and rather than create ready to wear he'd create art. Pieces with elements of structure and natural elements which is very visible in a lot of his lines.


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