Deconstruction Metamorphis-Alexander McQueen

Bridegroom Deconstruction Design
Alexander McQueen
A simple yet complex concept of an intimate short film of Alexander Mcqueen at work. Creating a unisex form of deconstructionism in the replica of a bride/groom combined into one design. A metamorphis of feminity crossed with masculinity in the form of a piece constructed so rapidly its mesmerising to watch. The design and the way McQueen plays with the fabrics in front of him gives you an insight of simply how brilliant a mastermind he really is. Taking simply a man draped in a shirt and fabric and transforming it into a visual masterpiece even down to the backdrop and gold glitter embellishments towards the ends. McQueen scrunches and rouches the fabric to create different textures and shapes using the material in various ways to completely transform its original state, which is essentially the definition of deconstructionism and the elements required to deconstruct a piece. Using blocks as embellishements on the models feet lifted the whole piece and created a whole different viewpoint and concept to the design. Grabbing a piece of netting he drapes it onto the models head creating a long veil, thus implementing the femininity into the design. Pinning when he liked what he saw he then continues to create an even more visually astonishing piece by painting the entire of the models lower body and the material and then goes on and chucks white paint over the model so it created a more random, unsymettrical effect and creating an even more interesting aspect. The models face already being white he creates a contrast by getting the model to bight the black tie around his neck and using a blow machine whisks the gold glitter around the cascading metamorphis he has before him, its simply brilliant.


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