Deconstruction Reconstruction Design
We began by deconstructing a man's suit jacket of our choice which we purchased or brought in from home. Using an unpicker we started by removing the lining from the jacket followed by the padding and internal part. Then we took it apart even more by removing the sleeves etc until each piece was seperated and we were left only with material. Considering the 'deconstruction' project is our first piece it is new ground to delve into, we started by researching artists such as Martin Margiela who has created deconstructed pieces similar to what we are to acvieve. We also looked at Alexander McQueen's bride/groom deconstruction,Koji Tatsuno's structure in fashion and Yoji Yammamoto's architectural fashion as we found Japanese Fashion reallt grasped concept of Deconstruction design and also structure in fashion as before  it was almost a taboo, an art never delved into by designers that only created ready to wear.


Starting on the mannequins first only playing with calico and pins we produced lots of experimentatation to inspire and to get a feel for the project we are to produce. We then got to experiment with different materials such as netting to implement structure and also bonning to play around with a stronger form of structure and a more 3D effect on an otherwise flat design. On further researching of different designers and artists I experiemented with different techniques such as implementing structure and 3D design when looking at Koji Tatsuno and Yoji Yammamoto. But what really inspired me was Alexander McQueens stripped bare short film which was an intimate shoot of him creating a deconstructed piece. Using techniques such as rouching and scrunching and ripping to create different elements to his design.


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