10 Ideas With Mason Jars!

 Your Ultimate DIY Utensil
Mason Jars into Soap Dispenser's So Chic!
Mod podge doily's inside mason jars and add a tea-light!
Create a tarnished silvery look with spray paint water and vinegar such a cute outcome a must try! 
Birthday cake in a mason jar!
Fill with citronella oil and ta da you have a candle!
Paint mason jars with pastel colors from the inside to create these gorgeous little gems!
Mason Jars dotted with glow in the dark paint sick for garden parties at night!
Cut a glow stick open and poor in the contents and ta da you have a nightlight great for parties and get together's in the evening!
Take book pages and mod podge them on to jars, then put a candle in and voila a pretty candle holder! Could do a theme for different rooms etc...   
Print off sepia images and laminate them and stick them in water!


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