Creps Yes or No?

Designer Trainers ...

Originally associated with female pikey's of this world it has now become a trend sensation. Vans, blazers, converse, supra's. The list could go on even i have been consumed in this otherwise male orientated fanatic  This is no longer the case and i personally love it.

Converses with skater dresses adding that casual glam rock style.

Vans with just about everything, its been a fashion icon for years but not until recently has its true beauty become such a trend setter. Nowadays you don't see girls in jimmy choo's and La boutins (partly due to the fact that everyone is skint) nowadays girls swag about in Puma's and Nike trainers. Who'd of though it creps being on every girls wish list.

Its such a blatant fashion accessory the perfect complimentary piece of apparel to tone down an outfit or to simply add some style and simplicity to your wardrobe.
Think about it girls there comfy and look cute i don't know how there gunna hack the summer season but so far so good.

Surprisingly many make a dent in your wallet bigger then the cute pumps you could get at your local primark but fuck it im sure you'll all find a reason to indulge in a naught treat.

Reckon your brave enough to take on this masculine fashion...


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