Hello Kitty Fetish

Its no secret im addicted to hello kitty i ask anyone who knows me, its unhealthy since i was old enough to understand what it was till now ive adored her, the cute little bow ugh i cant explain it its genuinely my identifier ladies i hope im not the only one who has a childish guilty pleasure ♥

 ...Delve into my addiction...

Hello Kitty Cinema 
Hello Kitty Cafe-Japan
Hello Kitty Rucksacks so chic!
Hello Kitty delectable donuts simply gorgeous!
Exquisite Hello Kitty Cake
Tiffany Blue Hello Kitty Bag so adorable!
A Hello Kitty sewing machine for all you fashionista's brave enough to design and create you own clothes. Do it in style  with this gorgeous chic machine.

I have a slight adoration for hello kitty and so do many celebs, Paris Hilton and Lady Gaga is Gaga for Hello Kitty she was last spotted in a dress made out of hello kitty plushies simply incredible however a definite fashion dont i adore hello kitty to an extent.


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