Monochrome Fashion Style
Fashion Alert: Black and white is back in fashion after the previous outbreak in 2009 and its going stronger then ever. Monochrome stripe,patterned and color block is a absolute must in your wardrobe. Its the most chic trend of this year and has been a trend for years on end that clearly saying something. Ladies just cant get enough of black which is where Monochrome is so popular you want to wear black with style without being called a goth or looking as if you've just attended a funeral.
Often considered as quite a smart based outfit however you can easily turn it down into casual or smart casual which is so popular this year. The Yin and Yang of fashion, its a classic, iconic trend going back as late as the famous Audrey Hepburn. 

Fashion Idol Alexa Chung looking fabulous in Monochrome. This lady is the queen of all things fashionable!


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