Spring Breakers

 Spring Breakers 'A little sun can bring on your dark side'

A Fashionable scandal, style icons such as Vanessa Ann Hudgens and Ashley Benson and not to mention Selena Gomez. This all start cast has caused riots in the media but i think its fantastic. These girls were involved in children's films when they were merely teens themselves but they have grown up and this is almost a coming of age 'fuck you' film to show there versatility and there age.

Fashion wise the consistent outfits worn throughout the film is a two piece (bikini) but im all about the hair. A previous post i did was about hair bleaching and how its a must in the fashion industry of today. Spring breakers simply emphasizes my point, Hudgens goes a dirty bleach blonde, Rachel Korine goes pink its a concoction of glam grunge hair i adore it. However James Franco (Alien) on the other hand doesn't have such a fashion do, sporting braids and a grill on his teeth however perfect for the drug lord role he's playing.

 The costume design was by Heidi Bivens and the key hairstylist Michelle Diamantides who also did Step Up 4 Miami Heat,Scary Movie, Rock of The Ages and many more. She is one to watch styling these girls hair beautifully and getting color in just the right places. Girls trust me bleach is the way to go!

There Tour shows these girls are women and have grown up with a bang, Vanessa in a beautifully embellished coral dress exposing her thigh similar to Angelina Jolie's thigh high split scandal.
These lovely ladies are just showing there no longer little girls and this is there way of showing us just that and i think its simply fantastic.

Vanessa Hudgens and Selena Gomez's transition from Disney to Sex and NudityViolence and GoreProfanity,Alcohol/Drugs/Smoking, and Frightening/Intense Scenes.

Ashley Benson from Pretty Little Liars to a three some with Vanessa its all scandalous and exudes sex appeal and its enticing, a must watch and a great film to add to that towering film collection.
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