UGLY or Fashionable.
I need your help here because im struggling to comment.

I adore uggs there comfortable, cosy and conventional and yet i sound like a middle aged women with three kids. (Im 16). My point exactly, these comfy treats cant really be fashionable can they?

Ugg Australia price there boots at prices you could buy a pair of Jimmy Choo's just saying.

Snooki's ugg's are adorable but shes considered as an over tanned jersie. All im saying is they don't get great press, i have to admit when UGGS first came about i thought they were the most hideous things known to man. Whats worse was when girls walk in them there feet turn in ward but half the sole turns to the side and makes them look retarded. Not only that but then they started to make men's one's and men actually wore them, sorry Joey Essex it wasn't a good shout. Then they bring out sparkly ones and gold and silver one's. I thought i could cry. This is coming from a lover of uggs. A lover of the sustainable cosy feet warmers we call shoes or boots.

All im saying if you were invited to Fashion Week and it was snowing would you really turn up in uggs... I dont think so.

Fashion often = pain
comfortable and cosy=mum reaching menopause

Sorry girls its the UGGLY truth ;)


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