CHANEL'S Little Black Jacket

Chanel's Infamous Little Black Jacket
Considering the recent exhibition of Chanel's little black jacket at the Dietz gallery I thought it only appropriate to do a post about it. This iconic Chanel piece has been through timeless decades and has a bigger history then you or me. Coco Chanel first cam up with the idea back in 1954 incredible! The Chanel jacket being spotlighted in the fashion industry for 58 years and yet still manages to keep its chic edge even in 2013 Coco Chanel is a genius. In fact it is so famous and such a tradition for Chanel that they wrote a book on it (the little black jacket:Chanel's classic revisited). It has thrived through so many phases in fashion and has still held strong this iconic masterpiece is one to watch and will still be around when you have grand kids.
(The secrets of The Little Black Jacket)


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