Martin Margiela Research 
Glove waistcoat
This piece is particularly intriguing because of the way he has constructed the piece and the material in which Margiela used to create the apparel. By using women's evening gloves Matin Margiela has pieced together almost like a jicksaw to reconstruct a piece worn on your hands into covering a larger part of the body. I noticed he used the the different tones and colours of each individual deconstructed glove to form a fascinating women's garment. It shows and emphasises the art of recycling and reusing as well as the way fashion is another way to portray a piece of art. It is simply fascinating; to be able to visualize and further create a piece such as this which is wearable and presentable to the public eye is incredible.
Layered Dress
This beautiful garment has been hand crafted after de constructing what appears to be originally some form of denim apparel almost like denim blue jeans.However, I may be wrong in thinking that.Each shade carefully strung together in order, which on further analysis I noticed it created an ombre effect.I particularly appreciate this piece as it emphasises the project we are about to construct and also because of how feminine Martin Margiela has created it.
Woven suit jacket concept piece
I chose this piece to talk about due to its relation to the deconstructing a suit jacket project we are participating in at present. It shows development and perfecting of the weaving technique which we just experimented with. It also once again emphasises the length in which we can re construct a piece in a completely different fashion. I noticed that the woven fabric appears like white leather giving it a sheen especially against the white background. The broken weaves at the front create a more dramatic and intriguing effect but also an unfinished one which once again relates abck to our own project and only having a limited amount of material.Margiela shows how you can adapt a little fabric and make it look like its meant to be like that.


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