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Genuinely the most incredible idea on the web and I can no doubt expect it to be a huge success. Bloggers like myself are constantly seeking platforms to expand their brand,opinions,looks,ideas,creativity you name it. Social networking Is at it's peak from Facebook and Instagram to pinterest and twitter there is simply so many different options on how you can blog, network, make contacts and expand and grow as a blogger and gain exposure to grow a fan base. However one thing was lacking, a gap in the market you might call it, a platform that enabled bloggers to basically say this is who I am do you want to work with me. 
For example:
The Blogger Programme allows bloggers of all spectrums but essentially fashion/beauty inspired to contact companies and pitch an idea or companies can send you a campaign saying what they'd like from you and can offer anything from free gifts, exposure or even something more. 
I have been on the website for just under a month and I recorded a campaign to write an article to an audience of 200,000  followers which as fellow bloggers now is an incredible way to gain more exposure and to expand your follower base. 
Not only can you contact companies you can also contact other bloggers which is another way to network and set up collaborative pieces etc. With a simple and easy to use profile creator you can include your main blog and all other social networking platforms you can imagine. Pinterest, linked in, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, lookbook, YouTube you name it you can include it. It is all cleanly presented on your profile making it easily accessible and allows people or companies to see your work, style of writing etc and contact you direct rather than ask for links which we all know can be a time consuming process. So essentially they have built a database for passionate bloggers to get out there get themselves noticed and get further exposure.
Also with a simple and easy to use search engine allowing you to search the database for companies you may want to represent. With such a large choice it's almost overwhelming however if your like me you do your research and it's just simply another reason why I love the blogger programme and can speak so passionately about it.
Anyway I'm not here to tell you what the programme is and what it entails I'm here to tell you why I, yes me like it on a personal level. Being an avid blogger and fashion student waiting to break into the industry I'm willing to try anything to profile myself higher and higher and to introduce my name, writing style and ability into the world. However as some of you reading this may know it's not that simple. First of all while your writing about content that you obviously like and have a passion for not everyone shares that same passion but you must come to that realisation and you need to broaden the spectrum of content. Reach out to your audience and always be friendly and appreciative. My blog is my passion however I am not in the same leage as many well known bloggers for example Leanne lim however I am still so humbled for the followers I do have and I can only go up from here which is why the blogger programme is so close to my heart it genuinely is a place where I feel my dreams can be allowed to come true. 

At seventeen juggling a job, fashion course and constant blog posts may not seem like hard work but when it comes down to it it's difficult to keep up, networking constantly sending email upon email to different companies pitching ideas but the blogger programme has essentially relieved me of that. I have nothing but kind words and the premonition of many success stories due to the programme and I can't thank you enough and I hope everyone reading this will create a profile and get themselves known. 

Thanks The Blogger Programme


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