Chanel's See-through Clutch


They have really done it this time. For starters just imagine trying to fit all the shit you stick in your bag come on ladies you no what im talking about. Besides the fact its a muggers dream screaming steal me now, there could not be a more perfect way to advertise your valuables. Hey look at me ive just got all of my most expensive possessions in a see through fucking clutch dont mind me.

I mean just imagine strolling down Orpington high street with that in your hand not to mention how impractical it is. You would be mugged within the second quite rightly i wouldn't even be pissed if that was me because your asking for it.

I happen to adore Chanel but this cuts the cake I know there fashion isnt supposed to be for casual every day people like ourselves but this is ridiculous. Your basically carrying the ecstasy to a criminal its madness i just wouldn't feel safe.

I will admit artistically its clever Thats about it im afraid and the fat that people pay ridiculous amounts of money for this its just a joke.

On the runway its acceptable but just imagine strolling to the local shops with that thing, please share your opinions even if you disagree.

Love Gina


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