Jeffrey Campbell's Lolita's Do or Don't

Jeffrey Campbell-Lolita's
Do or Don't?

Lolita's are beautifully shaped shoes as they compliment those blessed with incredible tiny ankles however are Jeffrey Campbell's Lolita's really a fashion must have. Its hard to say. The platform ankle boot has been in fashion for awhile now however for me personally its the higher the better and Jeffrey Campbell doesn't seem to go high enough although the hill is nearly sky scraping the platform is non existent which seems to be a necessity in today's fashion. Creepers, triple soled converse, vans and even dm's all sporting the thick platform sole. So are Jeffrey Campbell's lolita's really up to scratch its hard to tell. Although they do look pretty cute paired with a skater skirt and bra let like the set in the photograph shown however i wouldn't rush to spend ridiculous amounts of money on shoes that probably wont see day light by this time next year. I don't know they've definitely grown on me but are they worth the effort.

Share your opinion's this is coming from someone who has never owned a pair.


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