Hair Bleaching

 Bleaching Hair is it worth it?


I appreciate its the most damaging thing to put your hair through but if you do it right the quality of your hair will look no different.

Colored hair is a season must have, i your personality is fun, vibrant and outgoing show people. Its not something you should be ashamed of in fact your more likely to feel positive in the morning if you wake up to bright happy colors so if its on your head even Monday's will be less gloom and more smiles.

I myself have been every color you can imagine and i have now settled for a simple brunette however if it weren't for school constantly excluding me for my hair i would still be sporting a beautifully bright do.

Especially considering its nearly summer and the sun will be shining soon (fingers crossed) what better to compliment your beautifully strung together outfits then with the best accessory your hair.

If your someone that loves to class themselves as an individual or is somewhat an attention seeker this is for you, many would get intimidated by the amount of people that notice you but if you can handle it it will be worth your while. If you've just gone through a break up or just fancy a change this is a way to say fuck you in an understated but very bold way.

I wish you all the best.


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