The Birkin Bag

Huge duffles to adorable totes a girl's most important accessory is her bag ladies admit it how many of you carry a heavy bag with over half of it being unnecessary items ...

The Birkin is the most incredible bag to hit the fashion spotlight. Its fun, its sexy its stylish and its screams buy me now.

Its comes in a vibrant array of different colors as you can see....
It even comes in mint which is a fashion favorite this season. Yes its going to be a dent in your wallet but forget all that just look at it, its a work of art, a thing of beauty dont you want to be one of the lucky ladies glamorous another to be carrying one of these.

It would compliment every outfit, every season and every weather its just the perfect bag. I have no faults or negative comment over than the huge price tag but no doubt there will be cheap replica's dotted around.

Come on girls a bag is a necessity dont let any man tell you otherwise we may still carry mountains of shit in out bags but we also carry many useful things. A makeup bag where would you be without it. Tampons you never can be to careful. Baby wipes in case the loos look std infested. Women were born with the gift of an initiative and what better way to carry all the valuable things you own then in this adorable Birkin bag.

Ugh its even sold in lilac and pink i could literally cry.

Come on ladies buy it for me and those less fortunate who cant afford such beauty (me)




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