The Body-con (Vest Top Dress)

The Body-con Dress

Adored by all, owned by many. Ladies if you dont have one in your wardrobe know's the time to buy one. This piece has been acknowledged in the industry for years and is simply a gem when it comes to complimenting your womanly curves or flattering your body.

The hourglass figure is a man fetish and this is the perfect way to achieve it, stick on an incredible bra and the dress will do the rest. Even if your bum isn't existent it will emphasize it and ta da you have that perfect hourglass figure.

You may not think it but men hate bones but they adore hips so emphasize them!

It also looks banging with killer heels beautiful pins and a gorgeous tan.

As Marilyn Monroe said....

'Well behaved women rarely make history'
Now im not saying strut around resembling a prostitute but be brave with your outfit choices dont be afraid to wear something that makes you look sexy. Men love sexy (not too sexy)

and she was the curviest of them all and what did she become, a star now im not saying everyone women wearing this dress will get the attention i am talking about (sorry ladies) but you'll definitely be turning heads, dont overdo it, natural make up in the day men HATE overdone up girls they dont understand it. Besides your not doing yourself any favors make up works wonders and can transform a persons face but you want that perfect guy to be attracted to you not a layer of foundation so be natural.


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