Cara Delevigne

Cara Delevigne, 20, British model
Already won Model of the year 2012 and appeared on a huge majority of magazines and fashion labels such as Asos, h&m and done shows wearing Burberry and Victoria Secret. The list could go on. A fashion icon and my style icon, infamous for her statement eyebrows a growing trend since she's hit the spotlight and it doesn't look like she's going anywhere. Hardly phased by her sister Poppy Delevigne's stardom in fact she's simply embraced it. This women is going to appear everywhere so if you haven't seen her yet you will. Her style icon happens to be Alexa Chung which i think many of you ladies would agree is yours to, she's certainly mine.This Lady is kicking up a storm and is recognizable worldwide the mention of her name is embraced by so many in the Fashion industry.
Another interesting thing about Cara is not only is she a model she's a beat boxer I know who'd of thought it but this beautiful, grunge inspired model has a hidden talent. She's obsessed with drums and hardcore beats and even has a huge drum kit in her room! No wonder this chick has such a huge fan base, constantly being spotted pulling hilarious faces and genuinely having a good time its refreshing having such a well known celeb keeping it real and down to earth. 
I love her and if you don't i guarantee you wont resist soon xxx


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