To buy or not to buy that is the question?

Debatable also known as builders shoes bar the steel cap and yet once again were finding unusual items in this years trends.

I myself have seen the beauty of the timberland shoe and have actually got a pair of my own however a knock off version like many of you women out there will understand i don't have the money to spend £100's on shoes (please) but are they worth it.

The answer is yes. Many may think im bias as i have got a pair of my own but i don't own a pair of real timberland's .There built with such sturdiness us women will simply fall in love with the to die for practicality of the boots. However are they up to standards aesthetically. Yes timberland have pimped out there boots to fit in with the latest trends and hottest styles making them irresistible to many. Its heartbreaking to watch the standards go up as well as the price.

Who'd of thought these boots often aimed at an audience of middle aged men with the arse cracks hanging out fixing are sinks and toilets. Well there are many surprises in fashion and this is a pleasant one indeed.

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