The Arts and Crafts Movement

The Arts and Crafts Movement
William Morris, photographed by Frederick Hollyer, 1884. Museum no. 7715-1938
William Morris
Beginning in 1880 in my home town of Britain then rapidly spread to America, Europe and even Japan. You may be wondering who inspired this great movement, well the two main ingredients in such a movement was William Morris and John Ruskin, Morris a designer/artist in his own right and Ruskin a theorist and critic so had a significant amount of reasoning for such a movement. Traditional arts and crafts almost had a revamp, Morris and Ruskin essentially re assessed the design of ordinary domestic objects and re addressed their importance and beauty in the art form. Being one of the most profound movements it made an impact especially as it was addressing the times of living standards where industrialism was at an all time high and common people were no longer intrigued by beautiful works of art so essentially the created a movement of the arts on such a broad spectrum that even the home became a work of art.


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